New York City (Part 1) – Jul 2011

When we were planning our summer trip, Dave suggested we stay overnight on the East Coast before flying all the way to the West Coast.  It just so happens that my sister lives in NYC, and Qatar Airways has a direct flight to JFK, so we planned a 24 hour layover there before we headed out to LAX.

We arrived around 2:30 PM or so on a Friday, and breezed right through customs. We had arranged for a taxi for pick us up, so we called when we landed, and they came in about 10 minutes. We hopped in the car and headed to the Bronx, where my sister lives.

Unfortunately for us, we arrived on one of the hottest days in New York! It was 104 degrees! While we are certainly used to the heat, but we’re also pretty accustomed to air conditioning everywhere. We arrived at my sister’s apartment where she had made us fresh, delicious bacon sandwiches! It was the perfect thing to welcome us back to the US!

After eating, we just took some time to relax and get settled, and then it was time to head to Eataly, where we had reservations at the roof top beer garden! While it was really hot, it was still a really neat place! Eataly has a bunch of restaurants and shopping center on the main floor, but we wanted to do the beer garden 🙂

Here’s Dave and I with the Empire State Building behind us!

Here’s my sister and her boyfriend Allan 🙂

After a yummy dinner and a few beers, we were exhausted and it was time to go home for some rest!

The next morning we hopped on the subway and headed to a cute little place called The Smith. We met up with Aja, a good friend of my sister’s from Cincinnati who had just recently moved to NYC. I met her when my sister lived in Cinci, so it was great to see her again! We had great brunch cocktails, food and conversation! I had the best Eggs Benedict!

After that we headed back home so we could go to the airport to head to LAX. Little did we know, we wouldn’t be going anywhere that day 😦  We got to the airport super early, and were all checked in, and about an hour before we were supposed to leave, we were told our flight was canceled due to mechanical issues.

After a lot of waiting, we were told a new flight had been created for us and we were re-booked at 8 AM the next morning. So we picked up our luggage and headed to the information desk to find a hotel close by for the evening. We found a Holiday Inn Express that had a shuttle to and from the airport, and had a vacancy, so we booked it. They handed us some menus at check in, and we ended up just ordering a NY style pizza for dinner and spending the night relaxing.

We also stopped in NYC at the end of our trip, and that will be another post – too much to put here! Stay tuned for Part Two 🙂


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