Zumba! :-)

Before moving to Doha, Dave and I used to live in Regent Square, which is an awesome neighborhood in Pittsburgh. We were only a few blocks from some good eats, drinks and shopping. It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods, and I would love to live there again someday!

There is a karate studio there, and one day I saw a sign advertising Zumba. I had heard about it, and knew it involved dancing, which I love to do, so I decided to try it out. I grabbed some friends (so I wouldn’t feel silly going alone) and attended a class. It was a blast while still being a really great workout. Zumba involves lots of latin dances, like cumbia, salsa, mambo, samba, tango, etc.  It also involves really great music to dance to! At first, you have no idea what you’re doing, and you spend most of the class laughing at yourself. The more you go, and start to learn the routines, then you can begin to work on your technique, since you’re no longer trying to concentrate on what your feet are doing! 🙂

We had two of the most amazing instructors who coreographed really fun dances that made class fly by! I became a regular attending two classes a week, and more if possible. (If you’re in Regent Square, go see Krista and Erin! You won’t regret it)!

When I found out we were moving to Doha, I was immediately sad to think I’d have to give up my weekly Zumba classes. The Zumba website lists classes all over the world, and in 2009, there were no classes in Doha. Fast forward to 2011, while browsing the Zumba site, I decided to search again. To my surprise, there are about 4 or 5 instructors teaching twice a week in various locations around the city!

I emailed the instructor who teaches evening classes, and told him I was planning to try his class. He was enthusiastic and gave me all the information I needed. The first class was great! Everything I remembered and loved about Zumba was there. I’m now becoming a regular in his class, learning the routines, and enjoying every minute!

I’ve also introduced some pretty willing friends to Zumba, and they’ve enjoyed themselves and also continue to come with me 🙂 I’m excited to be back doing Zumba, working out and having fun at the same time 🙂

If you’re looking for a fun way to work out, burn some calories, dance and just have fun, then Zumba is for you! Check out a class in your neighborhood! You can search here on Zumba’s website:

Zumba Classes – Search

So come on! Join the party and ditch the workout 🙂




7 thoughts on “Zumba! :-)

  1. Jen says:

    I would love to know which Zumba classes you are going to in Doha–I am from Wisconsin, live in Doha too, and I want to try Zumba out when I get back to Doha after Eid!

  2. hadeel says:

    i want to join zumba (ladies only ) classes please as soon as possible , can u give me info plz

  3. Sahar says:

    Hi, Could you please send me the schedule with the prices and the location if possible. thanks

  4. Shan says:

    Jenny..pls mail me ur contact details. Pls help me to learn dance… smart_kollam@yahoo.com

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