More Dubai :-P

Just got back from another Dubai trip…possibly our last one for the summer  😦  Here’s a few highlights of this trip!

On Friday afternoon for lunch, we checked out Shake Shack! Their original location is Madison Square Garden in NYC, and this is the only international location. I am not sure what they do to their burgers, but it was delicious! Definitely one of the best I’ve had over here!! We’re planning on a visit or two to In N Out when we’re in LA, so we’ll have to see how it matches up!

After our burgers and shakes, we had an awesome movie theater experience! The Reel Cinemas at Dubai Mall offer what they call the Platinum Suites seating, which offers you the luxury of recliners, blankets, pillows, and your very own call button in case you need to order food or beverages during the movie. Also, it’s over 18 only, so its a quiet, enjoyable way to watch a movie!

We decided to see the Hangover Part 2, so we purchased our tickets and headed up the Lounge. While waiting for the movie to start in the lounge, we looked over the menu and decided what to order. I got some popcorn and a black currant slushy. (They had lots more options – nachos, samosas, crepes, etc but we ate lunch and weren’t all that hungry). About 20 minutes before the movie started, we were taken to our seats, and shortly after, the food we ordered was delivered to us. It is definitely a great way to enjoy a movie!

And while Hangover Part 2 was slightly edited (as all movies are in the Middle East), we still enjoyed it! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a proper movie! Here’s me and Marisa all comfy, ready for the movie to start 🙂

After the movie, we decided to head back to our friend’s, Marisa and Kevin’s place for a little cookout. We stopped at Waitrose to pick up some magical pork goodness that included hot dogs, brats, and bacon! 🙂 We also got some veggies and cheese to snack on while we were busy waiting for all that food to cook! We had a great time at our friends house, and we got to meet their cute little kitties!

We finished off the evening with some gelato from Cone Street, located on the JBR, called The Walk. It was conveniently close to our hotel, and they make a lemon mint gelato that is fantastic!

Lastly, I need to talk about an amazing place for lunch in the Middle East. We’ve not been to Automatic for Lebanese twice, and both times, it’s been phenomenal. It’s casual, inexpensive lebanese food, but it’s so good! We always get the hummous (creamiest, smoothest hummous I’ve ever had!!!), garlic paste, and chicken schwarma plate. Then combine it all together on some fresh pita, and you’ve got a yummy, inexpensive meal. I am all ready craving more!

Sorry this post is mainly about food….but there are such good options in Dubai! Despite the summer heat, we still managed to have a great time in Dubai 🙂 Looking forward to heading back soon I hope!


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