Boot Camp!

So my boss and her friend started doing a boot camp program and they were always mentioning it to me (mostly about how sore they were)!! 🙂 When the second session came around, they asked if I’d be interested in joining. I thought about it, and figured it would be a good way to kick my butt into gear and shape up a little for the summer. So I said yes!

I went to my first class (which was a Saturday) not knowing what to expect. I met Joe, our instructor, and he went over all the different exercises we’d be doing that evening. They included jumping rope, using resistance bands for our arm exercises, stability ball for ab crunches, and lots of lunges/squats/push ups etc. It looked super easy when Joe did it….but I soon found out it was not so easy!

The class consists of circuit training, and went around the room three times in total. I definitely used muscles I haven’t been using in quite some time! It was almost sort of fun….dare I say it? 😛

The next morning after my very first class, I was incredibly sore! It hurt to walk, take the stairs, everything! I was worried that I would be unable to do anything useful Monday night at our next boot camp class. Monday came and I went to class. Surprisingly, my muscles reacted by working through the pain.

After class was over, I felt what what runners must feel when they finish a marathon! I felt great, and was actually excited for the next class! Boot camp also really made me think about what I eat, drink, etc. So I’ve decided to stop drinking soda and trying to eat healthier all around. So I’m trying to reach for veggies instead of junk food when I am hungry! It’s not easy, but it’s a good start for me!

The session lasted three weeks, and we just finished up the final class this past Wednesday! While it’s been grueling and sometimes difficult, I am definitely glad I decided to do it!

For the nest few weeks, Joe is on vacation, so we’re off until he returns. In the meantime, I am going to check out Zumba, which has finally come to Doha! I know I’ll love Zumba, so I still haven’t quite decided what I’ll do about boot camp when Joe returns. I’d like to try and do both….but I might exhaust myself by working out that much. I’ll need to decide in a week or so! I’ll keep you all posted 😛

Also, if you’re in the Doha area, and are interested in joining….let me know! Joe is always looking for more people who’d like to join!


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