Linz, Austria (Day 4)

Another early start to the morning! Got up at 6:30, and showered, then headed to breakfast. Then it was time to meet up with our tour guide for our walking tour around Linz.

We started out in the town square, and then to the old town hall building which had a picture of the whole city on the floor. It was neat! We also went to a bakery that specializes in Linzer Torte, which comes from Linz. Then we went to a church, saw some of the places Mozart lived, and a neat wooden nativity scene at the parliament court yard.

At the home of the famous Linzer Torte!

Then we were on our own, so we checked out the Christmas markets and had some Gluvein. Also did some shopping and finally found me some boots – a few days late 😛

Had to be back on the boat since it was a sailing afternoon, so we headed back around 12:30 and boarded the boat. It was lunch time when we got on, so we headed to lunch. Enjoyed a long lunch, and then we headed to the lounge. Checked email and hung out in the lounge for awhile, until it was time for the baking demo. The baking demo was for a black forest cake, and they asked for a volunteer. No one was really stepping up, so I decided to do it.

They had pre-baked the cakes, so we were just assembling. First, they said I had to try what I was cooking with,so they handed me a shot of Kirsch cherry liquer. So I drank it!


Then we added syrup yto the cake with a brush, and the cake absorbed it all. Next, it was time to add the whipped cream layer! We made some lines with the cream, and then we added cherries in between the layers, and then whipped cream on top of the cherry layer. Then it was time for the next chocolate cake layer.

Concentrating on making the cake!

However, before starting the next layer, it was time for another shot! So had another Kirsch shot, and then added whipped cream and chocolate shavings on the top. I took a picture of each – can you tell which is mine?

Cake #2

Cake #1










(Not sure why the numbers are out of order!)

After the baking demo, they did a tea service, so we stayed in the lounge for that. I ran downstairs to get uspme hot chocolate and ended up talking to a new friend, Mike and his wife Angel. We’d been making small talk, but finally introduced ourselves and started chatting. They joined us for happy hour, and we had a great time. Then we all headed to dinner together. We had a great time hanging out with them, they’re close to our age, and fun to hang out with.

After dinner, there was some Bavarian entertainment in the lounge, so we headed over for that. It was fun! Lots of polka-ish music, and they played edelweiss at the end, which was nice. Then we had docked in Passau, so we decided to venture out, with the directions from our cruise director, who grew up close to Passau. Found the bar quite easily, and headed in to grab a table, only to hear someone call Dave’s name! It was our Aussie friends, Karen and Paul. They’d apparently been out and about in Passau the minute we docked, lol. So we had a pint with them, and enjoyed a fun evening out.



One thought on “Linz, Austria (Day 4)

  1. kay says:

    This sounds like such a fun trip! Your cake pictures are making me hungry.

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