Vienna – Day 1! :-)

Vienna – Day 1 (December 15)

We left Doha at 2 AM to depart for Vienna! It was a short flight, but quite exhausting since it was overnight. We made it to Vienna at  6 AM, on schedule, and then had to wait for our transfer shuttle.

We had told the company we’d be there at 8:40, and then that flight was delayed. But while waiting, we couldn’t find the representative from UniWorld, so we were getting nervous. Finally around 9:30 we found her! We waited another hour or so, to round up some more people, and then we headed to the bus!

On the bus, ready to go to the ship!

We were told there that the ship was not able to dock due to rising waters, so we’d be taken to a hotel for the evening instead. They took us to the Intercontinental, where we checked in and took a nap in our room.

The afternoon was ours to explore, so we headed for a walk, braving the cold (about 26 F or so!). We walked around for a bit, looking at buildings and taking pictures 🙂

We happened upon a Christmas market and headed over to check it out. There was  Gluvein (mulled wine) and punsch (cider) to be had at every other stall, and lots of other stalls with homemade gifts and goodies. We wondered along down the snowy pathways, with our Gluvein to keep us warm, with lots of gilttery snow coming down. It was magical and so Christmas-y!

Happening upon this Christmas market was one of the best parts of our trip! It was snowy and cold, but so beautiful at night, with all the lights and everyone selling their handmade items.

My first mug of Gluwhein!

After spending about an hour there, we decided to head back to the intercon, since we had a meeting at 6, and dinner at 7!

The meeting was a de-briefing for the day tomorrow. It’s going to be full! Bus tour around Vienna, then walking tour, then Schronbunn Palace & Christmas markets lunch, then free time, and hopefully boardng the ship, and dinner, and finally off to a concert at a famous concert hall!

After the meeting, we had dinner in the hotel restaurant. It was great! Beef consumme with pancakes, Parmesan risotto with salmon, and ice cream with pumpkin ragout. It was all yummy! we had a nice dinner with a friend from Education City, since he’s here on the cruise too. (He’s actually the one that recommended it to us and put the idea into our heads!)

After dinner, we stopped at the bar for a night cap – hot toddy for me, glass of scotch for Dave, and then we headed up to bed, tomorrow is going to be a long day and we needed sleep!

For a full Shutterfly album of Vienna, click this link! (Oh and just a warning, there are 146 pictures!)


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