Birthday Weekend Celebration – Part 2

Sorry…late to blogging part 2 of my birthday! But here it is 🙂

So for our 2nd anniversary, Dave purchased me a 3 hour spa day at the Four Seasons, and scheduled it for the day after my birthday 🙂 They told Dave I should get there at least an hour early to take advantage of all the spa stuff, so we checked out of the hotel at 11:30, and we headed to the Four Seasons. (It’s not even half a mile away from the W). So we grabbed a coffee, and then Dave dropped me off at the spa, and said to text him when I was done, and he’d come get me!

When I got to the spa area, I filled out a form to personalize my spa treatment, and then I was taken to a locker that had the comfiest robe I’ve ever worn and flip flops. They showed me around to all the options – Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Room, Ice Room, Hydrotherapy pools, hot plunge and cool plunge pool, Lacnor beds and a Lacnor room. I tried a little bit of everything, and ended up the lacnor bed, which is a tile bed that is heated on the underside. They found me on the lacnor bed, and said they would come to get me when they were ready for me.

After about 15 minutes of laying on the warm, relaxing lacnor bed, my masseuse, who was also named Jennifer, came to get me 🙂 The first treatment was the hydrotherapy tub. She took me to a room with a big bath tub, filled with warm water, and then asked me which essential oils I wanted to add to it. There was earth, fire, wind, copper and one other one I can’t remember 😛 I think I chose fire, which was spicy and cinnamon-y. I got to relax in the tub for 15 minutes, with the water all bubbling up around me. It was so relaxing!

After that, she took me into a room to start the massage. First, she did a hot stone massage, which was amazing. If you have not tried one of these, you really should. The hot stones feel so good on your aching muscles! And while they are hot initially, they quickly adjust to a nice, warm temperature that your body can handle.

Next, it was time for a sea salt scrub. It was all natural sea salt, and it helped to exfoliate my skin. It felt wonderful 🙂 After the scrub was applied, I went into the shower (which was in the room) to clean off the sea salt.

Next, it was time for a moisturizing layer, more showering, and then finally a clay masque 🙂 She even added some treatment to my hair to moisturize it and make it soft and silky.  It was an amazing 3 hours, and I never wanted it to end!

It finally did come to an end sadly, but then I was taken into the relaxation room. I could have stayed there forever too. I was all wrapped up in my comfy robe, and they lead you to a really relaxing chair, with a super soft blanket, and give you some tea and water. They tell you to stay as long as you like. It was SO nice. I loved having a place to continue my spa-like mood after the treatment was over.

Finally, I decided it was time to call Dave and have him come pick me up. So I headed back to the locker room, changed into my normal clothes, and waited for Dave to come get me.

He said I looked really relaxed when he picked me up, probably because I was 🙂 It was an amazing spa treatment, and I hope to go back soon and get another one!  🙂

Thanks for the amazing birthday/anniversary gift Dave! You are such a wonderful husband 🙂


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