Birthday Weekend Celebration – Part 1

My birthday fell on a Friday this year, and as it turned out, I got to have a weekend long birthday party celebration!  My husband was in charge of planning everything, and I happily left it all up to him to decide what the plans were! We both went back and forth about inviting friends to the dinner, and I assumed it would just be the two of us, since that seemed to be the decision we came to.

We decided to do an overnight stay at the W Hotel here in Doha, since we had always wanted to check it out, with pre-dinner drinks at Crystal Lounge, then dinner at Spice Market.  So we set everything up, and we headed to the W on my birthday, to check in as soon as we could, at 3 PM.  We checked in to our room on the 14th floor and just relaxed in the comfy surroundings, watching some tv and just taking it easy.

Here’s a picture of our room, and the view!

Around 5ish, we started to shower and get ready to head down stairs for drinks. It was fun, I got all dressed up in one of my favorite Ann Taylor dresses, did my hair and makeup, and Dave got up fancied up in his best suit too 🙂 We looked like a sharp couple! (Or at least I thought so!)

The Crystal Lounge is a cocktail/champagne bar that we’d heard about but never been to.  So we took the elevator to the Mezzanine floor where it was located, and headed to the bar.  As we walked in, the entrance was really dark, and there were these bright blue lights along the entrance way.  As we walked in, Dave started guiding me towards a table, and completely oblivious, I was walking towards a 2 person table, when all the sudden I look up and see all of our friends!! I just looked at Dave, and was totally surprised.  (I think I may have told him I hated him…in the nicest way possible!)

It was so thoughtful of him to organize all our friends to surprise me for drinks and dinner 🙂 He is so good at surprising me, no many how possible clues there may have been! 😛

Dinner at Spice Market was delicious, and there was a guy playing piano who sang all sorts of elevator music songs, and then all the sudden, he started playing Happy Birthday, and out comes a cake with a candle and Dave said he hadn’t organized that part! So I got two desserts – because neither of us knew it was coming. Perfect way to end my birthday dinner!

Our stay at the W was really awesome, we had a room on the 14th floor, and it had a great view of the Gulf, and our old apartment building where we used to live 😛 We had breakfast in the morning, and then headed straight to the Four Seasons, to drop me off for my spa day! 🙂

Spa Day is Part Two…coming soon!


One thought on “Birthday Weekend Celebration – Part 1

  1. kay says:

    You look beautiful in your Ann Taylor dress!

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