Let’s Go Steelers!

As a native Pittsburgher, I was born and raised to love the Steelers, and that has stuck with me, even though I am thousands of miles away in Doha!  Last year, I did not have the chance to see any games, and I felt very disconnected from the football season in general.  This year, I am lucky enough to have two good friends who watch the games every week, and are happy to invite others over to watch with them.

Luckily, the first few games have been 1:00 games in the US, so we can watch them here about 8 PM, which is late, but not too terrible! However, there are some evening games coming up, so that’ll be a little harder. I am hoping we’ll all just sleep, and watch it the next night instead (and avoid spoilers by not checking ESPN, FB and Twitter  in the mean time!!!) Course, I do have some friends who are such die-hard fans, they plan to watch it at 3 AM when its live 🙂

I don’t know what it is about football that I love so much. There is just something something sentimental about it that reminds me of spending cool fall nights in Pittsburgh, with good friends watching the game together. In a way, I think Steelers football unites people in Pittsburgh, so its nice to have a similar feeling here in Doha.  Every week, we order some good takeaway food, I love to bake something sweet, and cheer on the Steelers together. I think it makes me feel a little closer to home on those football evenings, even though we’re very far away  🙂

I also feel like football makes Sundays a little more normal here in Doha! Even though I have to work on Sundays, knowing there will be football later that evening makes it all worth it!  I’ll definitely go through football withdrawal once the season ends.

There is usually a Steelers bar in every US city that is easy to find, but we haven’t found one here yet. Hoping to find one or at least turn one of our favorite bars into one! 🙂  Let’s go Steelers – hope this is a Super Bowl kind of year! 🙂


One thought on “Let’s Go Steelers!

  1. kay says:

    The Steeler games aren’t always on here but when they are I watch them and think of you watching them too!

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