Back to Work!

I think most of my readers know that last year, I was working for a university here in Doha as a Research Assistant for the Dean of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness. It was a fun job, and a great learning experience, but as his only employee, I felt very isolated on a day to day basis, which compared to my time at Carlow, was difficult to handle!

The overall goal of my position was to create a Fact Book for the university here in Doha, and while we polished up all the data we would need, we  were unable to finish the project before my contract expired, so that was disappointing. My contract ended May 31, and I hoped to start again this past August. Unfortunately, when we returned from our multiple trips, my boss confirmed that he was unable to offer me a new contract. So I was unemployed, which worked out great for summer, but once the semester started, I needed to find some work!

Before we left for our Scotland holiday, I ran into the VP of Operations for the same university, and she asked what I was doing when the summer ended. I told her I hoped to work for the Dean again, but if not, I had no plans. She said she had a job for me, if I was interested. I told her I definitely was and would contact her once we were back to Doha at the end of summer.

Fast forward to September. I met with my future boss, the VP of Operations, and found out the job was in payroll.  Since I have no background in this field, she assured me she would train me on everything I need to know. So I signed a contract and I am on my third week of the new job and am quickly learning a lot! I am constantly busy, there are a ton of deadlines (which I love), and I am a part of the Operations team, so I don’t feel quite as isolated as I did in my previous job.

I am so glad to be back at work, learning new things and using my brain 🙂 Currently, I have a 6 month contract, and as long as everything goes well, I will be able to continue working there for as long as we’re in Doha!   I am very excited about the prospect of a having a guaranteed job while we are here.

I’ll update you in six months if my contract becomes permanent! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Back to Work!

  1. kay says:

    I’m very happy for you that you found something to keep you challenged and less isolated. How many people are on your operations team?

    • jennybee1018 says:

      There’s a lot of people Kay! 😛 Operations houses many other departments (HR, Finance, Facilities, etc), but in my immediate group, I work mainly with my boss and all the admins who assist the faculty. So that’s at least 10 people or so!

      • kay says:

        Are they mainly American’s?

      • jennybee1018 says:

        I’ll say about half of them are? Many of administrative assistants I am working with are not American. There’s a very diverse work population here, which is great!

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