Second trip to Edinburgh

I have been meaning to post this, but have been procrastinating on typing it all out. Luckily, I realized I journaled it, so I all ready have it written out, and can just copy and paste the basics.

I think I mentioned that Dave got to perform in a street show the second time we were in Edinburgh to pick up his passport. He was pretty mortified, but he did a great job 🙂 I’ll try to give the overview, with some pictures to help along the way!

We were wondering along the Royal Mile, which is a street full of shops and restaurants. We walked pretty far up, and decided to head back, as it was getting late. As we began to walk back, we saw a street performer starting his show. Dave asked if I had ever seen one, and I hadn’t, so we decided to stick around and watch.

The street performer was really entertaining and had a dry sense of humor 🙂 He started out by juggling machetes and in order to show how real they were, he put an apple on a little boys head! (he was kidding of course!) he started joking about his parents just leaving him there, and him being the babysitter. Instead, he gave a cucumber to a woman in the front (and of course made some sexual innuendos about that!) and sliced the cucumber with the machetes to show they were sharp. He then juggled them which was quite impressive!

After that, he said he needed an assistant from the audience and his eyes somehow found Dave. (I should mention here that Dave hates this kind of attention, similar to getting sung to in a restaurant on his birthday).Of course, he asked him to come forward, and throw an apple on to the bed of nails he was planning to lay on. So Dave threw it and it landed on the nail bed!

Then he asked if Dave was willing to help with the rest of the show, and he said sure. Next they played with fire torches, and the street performer told Dave to do as he did. So first, he moved the torch around a little and Dave did the same. Then, he threw the torch in the air and caught it! After a little hesitation – Dave attempted the same, and he succeeded! It was awesome! Then the SP took the flame and rubbed it in his arm….Dave did not do that! 🙂

The crowd was still gathering and he found another guy from Ireland, Robert, that he asked to help him with his show. Before the finale though, he said he was going to swallow a 20 inch stainless steel sword. After some joking around, he got serious and explained that sword swallowing is a dying art and that he is one of the few people in the world that can still do it. It was so weird/crazy/shocking all at once! The worst part was that after he got the sword down, he bent over to show everyone! I shuddered just thinking about how that must have hurt!!!

Before the big finale, he went into a little spiel about how he does this for a living, and if we enjoyed the show at all, toss some pounds in his hat. He said that if we were to buy him a drink, give the equivalent if that. Then he joked that a drink in Edinburgh cost 30 pounds, and then under his breath said shh, the americans might believe it 😛

The big finale of the show is where Dave was helping. The SP said he was going to lay down, put the bed of nails on top of him, and Robert, the Irish guy, was going to stand on top of that, and then he would eat fire. Originally Dave was going to stand on top, and I think he was glad to be relieved of that duty!

It was pretty scary and nerve wracking to watch the whole thing. There was quite some buildup and joking, but he finally got to it. He positioned the nail bed just so, and asked Robert to climb on top, with Dave helping to keep him steady. He went up one foot at a time, and then handed the flame torch to the SP, and he ate the fire while this man was standing on top of him. Insane.

After Robert stepped off, there was a moment where the SP was slowly pulling the bed of nails off of his stomach. It was really scary – but he was fine. Did I mention he didn’t even have a shirt on? Ouch.

After the show, Dave and I decided to give him 10 pounds since we had a good time, and since this is his job. He really appreciated it. We’d had a fun time, so we wanted to reward  him.  Although I had really wanted to get back on the road, for the three and half hour drive ahead of us, I am really glad we stayed and got to watch this show! If you ever find your self at a street performers show, stick around 🙂 They are worth it!


2 thoughts on “Second trip to Edinburgh

  1. kay says:

    Great posts! It’s like being there – thanks,

  2. Tiffany says:

    This is amazing!! I am so envious of your travels! I am so glad you are making the most of your experiences!

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