Back from Scotland!

Wow, almost a month since my last update! I hope to be more on top of things from now on. There’ll be a lot of posts about Scotland coming up, so keep checking back!

After a short flight from Aberdeen to London, a seven hour layover at Heathrow, and a six hour overnight flight to Doha, we are finally home!

We had a wonderful holiday and we were very lucky to have such an experience! It was a great break from Doha’s summer heat, and a well deserved break. The weather, although slightly rainy, was pleasant for most of the trip. Here’s a brief overview of some of the things we did.

We met locals at the pub by our cottage, went walking to take in the glorious landscape, ate delicious locally sourced food (including haggis!), saw some castles, and of course toured some whiskey distilleries!

We also drove to Edinburgh twice due to Dave losing his passport. While it was a long drive, we were able to make the best of it, and we explored the city. Dave even performed in a street show!

We stayed in two great cottages, in some cute little villages, and I even learned to drive on the other side of the road (and car!). It was a really great trip and we hope to do it again next summer!

There’ll be more detailed posts to come and I am uploading pictures to share!


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