Moving on up….

So as I mentioned earlier, D and I were lucky enough to be able to move into the housing provided by his employer, about five minutes from campus.  Even better, because we stuck around this summer, we were able to move in and get settled for a few weeks, before we leave Doha and take some well needed vacation time!

The move was luckily not too difficult – since there was no furniture, thank goodness! We did not pack a single box, we used our suitcases and reusable bags to move everything.  We just loaded up the car and made multiple trips!  For the most part, it was pretty easy.

It was the kitchen that almost defeated me.  We had a LOT of canned and boxed goods, and a full fridge and freezer, and baking things I had purchased, and some appliances.  It took a LONG time to clean out the kitchen.  Whew! But we did it,  and are now happy in our new house.  As long as we live in Doha, we plan to stay here 🙂

Here are a few pictures, and I will post the link to the album beneath it.  As you can see, we have two guest bedrooms for guests, so feel free to come visit!

A view down our new, quiet street.

A new, much bigger kitchen!

The Master Bedroom...way more space than we can use.

A real, separate washer and dryer! Heaven 🙂

For more pictures of the house, you can view the full Shutterfly album here!

House Album


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