In order to try and keep up to date with my blog, thought I would write a quick post this Saturday night before heading to bed.  It’s been a busy weekend, so there’s much to write!

First, and most importantly, I am lucky enough to have paid off my student loans! Sadly, wy father passed away in December, and there was some life insurance money that was disbursed to my sister and I. It was completely unexpected, but it is such a huge relief to pay off my student loans for ever. While we still have a very long way to go (my better half’s student loans are still quite large), this is a good step!

You may or may not remember, but this was actually a goal of mine in January. I actually feel a little guilty for not earning it, but this is a great gift, and I won’t look it in the mouth! (Er, or something like that right?) 🙂 Special thanks to my mom, who actually found out there was a life insurance policy from one of his former employers.

Second update, we finally got all moved in to the new house! It was exhausting, and D and I are both ridiculously sore from moving so much in two days! Luckily, there was no furniture, so we just used suitcases and bags to run things back and forth. The kitchen was the hardest part, but we got it done, and now we’ll do our walk through tomorrow at the old place and then we’re finished.

While every apartment has pros and cons, living in our new apartment has many more pros than the old place! Shorter commute, bigger kitchen, separate washer/dryer, storage space, and just more space in general, and even a backyard to grill out and hang out side in the winter 🙂

Pictures to come soon, just not yet! We are still in the process of unpacking….and I should have time this week to unpack, and get things situated so I can take some good pictures 🙂

Other than that, we are happy in our new house and looking forward to a shorter drive to work! And its only about 2 more weeks til our trip to Pittsburgh! I am pretty excited about the trip, and it will be great to see friends and family 🙂

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! (I am jealous…we don’t get that here!)


2 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. rena says:

    I love that you said grilling outside in the WINTER 😉

    • jennybee1018 says:

      Ha ha, that is hilarious. I did not even think twice about it. It just makes sense in my head 😛

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