Edamame and other things!

People always ask me about things I miss from the USA.  For the most part, we are very lucky here and there is not much we cannot find!

Some of the things that are harder to find (or are not available) are:

Red hots or anything of hot cinnamon flavor like that


Bacon/Ham/Pork  (Can’t wait to have these when I am in Pgh!)


Cornmeal (For cornbread!)


Speaking of Edamame, I heard a rumour from some friends that they had it in the Japanese frozen section of Lulu Hypermarket – my favorite grocery store.  I searched the freezer aisles up and down, until I saw a section that had all Japanese characters on the packaging. And Voila! There it was!

Pretty funny huh? I was just glad to find it and know that I can snack it on here! 🙂

Aside from obviously missing family and friends, I also really miss having Trader Joe’s and a Target!  You don’t realize how great Target is until you are stuck with a Carrefour instead. (French version of Walmart/Target).  Not the same at all!

Looking forward to a trip to Pgh full of bacon, alcohol, friends and family! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Edamame and other things!

  1. sirena says:

    Sometimes I can find cornmeal (i’ll send you some! haha). Edamame – I found once, and didn’t buy it because I was being cheap, I still regret it since it was the first and ONLY time I’ve seen it here 😦

    • jennybee1018 says:

      We had our friend from Texas bring us corn meal – and then it appeared at the store! Gah! I can send you some edamame 😛 Hope it shows up again!

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