We’re Moving!

Within Doha, that is  🙂

Dave and I currently live in the West Bay, which is a very up and coming area in the city of Doha.  We are surrounded by new, vacant office buildings and other buildings still in process. We’re also across the street from a five story mall, and we have a nice view of the Gulf.

However, we are also about 15-20 minutes away from Education City. This does not seem like much in the scheme of things I am sure, but when we are at campus almost 7 days a week, it adds up. Also, we’re currently in a high rise apartment building, which is nice, but we would love to have more space.

So we decided to put in a request for a move to Education City Community housing (ECCH).  We were told we were 8th on the list, and not many people were moving out, so we did not expect to move any time soon. (I figured we would wait a few years).

The other day, the head of Facilities Management stopped in to Dave’s office to say that they actually had space for us in ECCH. Hooray! So instead of our apartment, we’ll have a proper house, with a bigger kitchen ( for my cooking/baking obsession), outdoor space, and 3 bedrooms (so we can have more visitors!).  Also, our friends who live downstairs are moving too!

We’ll be moving at the end of May, and hope to get settled before we leave for Pittsburgh mid-June.  I will take pictures and update once we get settled! 🙂


2 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. D says:

    Hurray!! No more leaky ceilings! Can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. kay says:

    We’re excited to visit the new place! We would have been excited to visit your current place too. We’re just excited to see you in Doha.

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