Logos, Part 2

I apologize for my lack of blogging recently! Our good friend Disco came to visit at the beginning of April, so we got to show him all around our new city, and we had a blast! And in general, with the semester winding down, its just been busy!  My schedule should free up soon so I can post a lot more often! 🙂

Here’s a fun and easy post for me to start up again! More Arabic/English logos! This first one is a favorite of mine.  I think you can still tell what it is, just because of a certain signature blue box.  Any guesses?

Here’s the McDonald’s logo in Arabic.  Pretty cool huh?  I love that there is a still a yellow M next to it!

This is one of the stores I am most excited about having in Doha! Unfortunately, its STILL not open. It was supposed to open March 25th, and now we’re hearing May 25th! The shelves are stocked, so I don’t know what the delay is.  I have never actually been to the Dean and Deluca, so I will post a review someday when it does actually open.

And this….well this is an advertisement for Pizza Hut’s new pizza. It’s apparently called the Crown Crust, and the ad says the crust that rules.   Yes, those little balls of things in the crust are balls of cream cheese and some sort of meat.  Dave and I won’t be trying this any time soon! Please note the ketchup next to the ad.  If you order pizza here, expect to get ketchup packets with it.  I have no idea why…it’s just the Doha way 😛

I have a few more logos I will be posting soon from my iPhone, and I also took a bunch on my Canon, so I will upload those soon and post a few more logos, as well as a few more recipes I have! So keep checking back  🙂


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