Another dinner at the Dean’s House

I think I all ready have 2 or 3 other posts titled Dinner at the Deans, so I tried to change this one a little!

At the beginning of the semester last year some of our friends were invited to the Dean’s house for a smaller dinner party with other faculty/staff.  Apparently, the Dean and his wife host a dinner party every week for about 12-14 people,  and randomize the guest list so that everyone can meet colleagues that they might not meet otherwise!

We waited all last semester for our invite, but it never arrived.  It turns out there are so many staff and faculty, that it takes them a long time to get through everyone!

So at the beginning of the Spring semester last week, we finally received our invite! Our dinner party was scheduled for January 18th, and it was a catered sit down affair. While I opted for the regular meal, Dave opted for a veggie meal.

We just got home from dinner, and it was really nice! We arrived about 5-10 minutes late, and the Dean greeted us and quickly introduced us to some new people.  Shortly after that, we retreated to the dining room and were seated for dinner.

I left my phone in the entry room, so I don’t have any pictures but here was the menu! (both mine and Dave’s).

First Course:  Seafood Medley with smoked salmon, prawns and lobster

Mozzarella and Tomato Salad for D

Second Course:  Broiled Salmon with white basil cream sauce

Ravioli with white cream sauce (It looked so good – I was jealous!)

Third Course:  Chocolate truffle with a crispy bottom layer (I forget the name of it!)

Fruit Plate (Dave was bummed that he did not get the regular dessert – so now we know for next time!)

Dinner was certainly a little awkward – since we were at a huge dining room table with a lot of people we did not know, but luckily we had some pretty interesting conversation with the people we had met at the beginning of the evening.

Also, one of the guys we met when we went through our harrowing medical authority experience was there, so it was nice to see him again. Plus, it turns out its his last semester here, so he will be leaving once the semester ends in May.

This dinner was a little bittersweet because the Dean and his wife are also leaving at the end of the semester 😦 After 7 years of being at CMU and really energizing and inspiring the population, they have made the decision to leave. Although we just met the Dean and his wife, I cannot tell you how instrumental they have been in making CMU-Q what it is.  We will really miss them and it just won’t be the same without them.

If you want to read more about Chuck and his accomplishments, here’s a great article from the CMU website.  As it mentions in the article, he will be taking a sabbatical for a year, then heading back to Pittsburgh to continue his research at the Robotics Institute. Best of luck to him! 🙂


One thought on “Another dinner at the Dean’s House

  1. kay says:

    How can a chocolate truffle not be veggie?

    So sad about the Dean moving on. He sounds pretty amazing.

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