Looking back at 2009…

It is crazy to think that not only is 2009 over, but the 2000’s are over! Where did the decade go?! I wanted to take a quick look back at this past year, and all the great things that have happened! I will say the year was a total whirlwind, especially once we made the decision to move to Doha.

January – This was the month Dave started to think about applying for his current job in Doha, Qatar. At that time, it seemed like a far away idea in a very far away place! I also started my final semester of grad school!

February – We hosted a Super Bowl party at our apartment with some great friends, and after a exciting but nerve-wracking game, and the Steelers became super bowl champs again! Dave was doing his phone interviews with CMU-Q, and the possibility was becoming more real.

March – We hosted our annual St. Patrick’s Day party with Guinness stew, Irish soda bread, guinness cupcakes and watched our favorite movie, Darby O’Gill and the Little People! This was also the month Dave got the official job offer to move to Doha, Qatar to work at CMU.  At this point, I started a very hectic internship for grad school that would consume my life for the next few months.

April – This was a month of mixed emotions for me. I told my employer and all my co-workers and friends that Dave and I had made the decision to move to Doha.  I was excited, but also terrified! I was happy for Dave, but sad to leave my hometown of Pittsburgh. It was not an easy month :-/

May – This was a really great month! My grad school classmates and I got to participate in our graduation ceremony – even though we still had 2 months of work ahead of us. Even so, it felt like such a great accomplishment knowing how close we were to the end! I celebrated with family and friends on Mt. Washington and had a great day!

June – This month was really busy with me finishing up my internship, and then beginning to pack up for our big move. I was also still working full time at this point.

July – Finally finished my internship, and was able to focus on packing up the apartment.  I also was done with work at the beginning of the month. This was sad 😦 I was blessed to work with some really amazing co-workers, who made the past few years at my job a blast.  We had more fun at work than anyone should 😛 They also threw me a really awesome party at McCormick and Schmicks in Southside.  At the end of the month, we headed to Montana for a family reunion with Dave’s family, and some quality time in Dave’s hometown of Helena.

August – This month flew by so quickly, I don’t even know what happened!  We were in Montana til the 8th, home for a week to pack and say our goodbyes, and then we hopped on our flight to Doha on the 14th.  Even after arriving in Doha, the month continued to fly by – orientations, dinners, parties, etc.  We were so busy that the month just flew by!

September – I spent this month with my new friend Kat exploring the city, and getting everything in our apartment set up.  It was also Ramadan through out the Middle East, so it was an experience to see how Doha operates during that month. (Basically no eating in public at all during the day – including water!)

October – This was a fabulous month! Dave and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary, as well as my 30th birthday.  It was fun to look back on the past year of marriage, and look forward to many more!

November – We celebrated our first Thanksgiving away from home, and while it was difficult, we felt lucky to be surrounded by friends on Thanksgiving, so we felt somewhat normal. (Although we were outside in November – so that did not feel normal!) Also, this month I started a new job working on some special projects in Planning and IR at Dave’s university.

December – Early this month, the majority of our friends headed off to visit family and friends, while Dave and I made the decision to stay in Doha.  We had two lovely dinners out for Christmas Eve and Christmas, and had a relaxing night at home for New Years Eve.  It was strange to experience a new years with no ball drop, so we watched Moscow party instead. We enjoyed a quiet Christmas holiday and New Year, but were relieved to see all our friends return in January!

And that brings us to today! It was a great year, with many changes, new experiences, and new friends! However,  these changes were certainly made easier thanks to our friends and family back in the States.  We are blessed to have unconditional love and support from the many amazing people in our lives.  So thanks to all of you for making this year a great one for us! 🙂


One thought on “Looking back at 2009…

  1. Kay says:

    You and David have really experienced an amazing year! Will you be able to continue some of your traditions – like the Super Bowl party (not that it will be of much interest this year without the Steelers) but especially the St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Did you bring your copy of “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”?

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