The Holidays in Doha…

I wrote this post on December 19th, and am just finally getting around to posting it! I thought about not posting it since we are past the holidays, but I decided to post it since the next few posts will still pertain to it!

Since Dave and I work at an American university, they still like to do some traditional holiday things for us. So last week, for lunch, they had a wonderful catered lunch for us from the 4 Seasons.  They had plenty of traditional holiday foods like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salads, soup, and even mini pumpkin pies and gingerbread cookies! They were delicious!

Lunch was really delicious, and it helped us to feel a little more Christmas-y. It is hard to feel like it is Christmas, or even December in Doha, due to sunshine and nearly 70 degree weather every day.

So we had to get creative! We bought a tree for our apartment, and that has certainly helped! Dave’s parents sent us a Christmas CD, and we have been listening to a lot of Christmas music online. We also try to watch at least one Christmas movie a day 🙂

So far, we have watched Gremlins, Scrooged, Christmas Carol (Original from 1951), Die Hard (Dave’s pick, not mine), About a Boy, and we have many other Christmas movies we will be watching as we approach the 25th.  We are saving It’s a Wonderful Life – our absolute favorite holiday movie for Christmas Eve.

We plan to do a Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner at one of the 5 star hotels here, they all tend to have expansive buffets with traditional holiday food.  We also bought some crackers, which are a British thing from Marks and Spencer, and we plan to open those on Christmas! Here is a cracker for those of you that have never heard of them:

According to a website called Lovetoknow, crackers are a special dinner entertainment. These decorated paper tubes contain a paper crown, toys, and a joke or riddle. They are placed at each table setting. When they are pulled open, they emit a loud crack and the contents fall out. All diners wear their paper crowns during the dinner.

So Dave and I will be doing this, and wearing paper crowns on our head for dinner! Should be fun and a new tradition for us 🙂  More updates to come after Christmas about our fancy dinners!


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