First Day of Rain….

I can safely say that every day we have been in Doha, we have woken up to the sun shining through our bed room windows, and just a generally glorious looking day. More recently, it has become a little gray and hazy in the mornings, quite a change from the usual.

We were out the other evening for a friend’s birthday, and as we walked into the restaurant, it was just ever so slightly drizzling. It was kind of exciting! You don’t miss rain until you don’t have it – believe me!

Sunday morning, I woke up, and opened the curtains to another dreary hazy day. As I looked closer, I saw the roads were actually wet and there were puddles on the road! It was pretty exciting. I really love days when it rained in Pgh, so it was nice to have a little rain here in Doha, even if we did not see it 😛

The downside to any amount of rainfall in Doha? There are  no sewers or drains for the water to run into.    Due to the lack of precipitation in Doha, this is not really a problem – until the few days when it does actually rain.

Driving to work on Sunday morning was quite a challenge! Leaving our apartment building, there was a large puddle we had to drive through to get to the main road. Then the majority of the roundabouts were flooded, and I tried to stay to the right lane since the water pooled towards the center.  Some of the roads were flooded, and you just have to drive right through it! (Anyone with a land cruiser or 4WD acted like it was just any normal day and drove like crazy people).

It took us about 15-20 minutes longer than usual to get to work that day. Rain here is kind of like snow/ice – when it rains, if you can, stay home and don’t drive!

Luckily, we woke up Monday morning to sunshine and no more hazy weather!  It was nice to have a little rain, even if it does make transport a little more difficult 😛  I hope we have a few more days of rain in the upcoming months!


One thought on “First Day of Rain….

  1. kay says:

    I guess we don’t always know how much we appreciate somethings until we don’t have them anymore. I know I would find it very difficult to feel like Christmas without snow. I wish you more rainy days – even though they do sound a bit dangerous!

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