Our first Doha Thanksgiving!

Sorry for the delay in posting this! Things have been busy with work and spending time with our friends before they all head home for the Christmas break.  I know some people wanted to hear about our first Thanksgiving here in Doha, so here it is 🙂

It is amazing to think that November is all ready here (and  over!).  Since I have started working, time has been flying even quicker than before.  This year, the Eid Al Adha Muslim holiday just happened to fall over Thanksgiving, so we would be able to celebrate on the 26th.

A few weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday,  I received an email from the Dean’s wife that she would be hosting a potluck Thanksgiving dinner.  Dave and I both thought it would be a great idea to attend,  so that we could be surrounded by friends on Thanksgiving.

I volunteered to make green bean casserole (it is always my contribution to our family’s dinner), deviled eggs, and stuffing.  Of course, the green bean casserole requires French’s fried onions, and I was unable to find them here.  So I decided to be adventurous and fry my own onions! I found some recipes online, and fried them myself.  Dave agrees that they taste much better homemade, and I should do it that way from now on.  I also tried a new recipe for deviled eggs that seemed to go over well (they were gone in about 15 minutes).  Maybe for my next post, I will blog the recipe for the Deviled Eggs. It was simple and delicious!

The morning of Thanksgiving, we decided to go out with friends to have coffee at Paul, a french cafe that has become our new favorite hangout.  We also stopped at LuLu’s to get some last minute items for our dinner. We arrived home around 1, and dinner was 3. I had neglected to prep anything the night before, so I had a lot to do, and not much time to do it all in.  Due to my inability to multi-task, we arrived at the Deans an hour later.  (In my family, this is pretty normal, ha ha).

Since the weather has become so lovely here in Doha (75 degrees),  Leslie, our hostess had placed tables outside so we could all eat outside in the lovely weather.  It was really fun, but strange to think that it is November, and so nice out!  Unfortunately, since we arrived late, the eating had all ready begun without us.

Luckily, there was more than enough food to go around! It  was an amazing smorgasbord of traditional Thanksgiving foods as well as some delicious ethnic dishes brought by some families.  There was even pumpkin pie for dessert! That really made my day 🙂 There were almost 50 people there – colleagues of CMU, friends and family of the Dean’s wife.  It was truly a lovely dinner, and it really helped me feel like it was Thanksgiving, even though we were enjoying a lovely day outside, eating Turkey!

I will update the post soon with some pictures of the Dean’s lovely house!  In the meantime, I have some more blogging to do! 🙂


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