Eid Al Adha Break…

In the Muslim religion, there are two Eid holidays. One, Eid Al-Fitr,  falls after Ramadan, and is a big celebration of breaking the fast (which they do for a whole month from sunrise to sunset).  The other Eid, Eid Al Adha, is a festival of sacrifice.  For more info on the Eid holidays, check out the Wikipedia entry – which is where I got this info from.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eid_al-Adha

For our Eid break, we had Thursday (Thanksgiving) off, and then the following Sunday and Monday off.  It was a whole week off of work to relax 🙂 Some of our friends were traveling, but our good friends Alex and Marjorie were still around and happy to hang out with us. Also, Alex’s girlfriend Kristina was in, so we had a great time hanging with her. She will be moving here in January, and living in our building, so I am excited to have a new neighbor to hang out with 🙂

The first day of our break we ended up going to Paul, which is a French cafe located in two of the malls here.  It is a nice ambiance with some decent food, and cappuccino for the coffee drinkers.  We had a really relaxing breakfast/lunch, and sat there for a a few hours.

After Paul, we decided we wanted a little dessert.  So we stopped in at Maya, which is a chocolaterie that serves coffee, hot chocolate, and lots of chocolate desserts!  I got a mocha hot chocolate (hot chocolate with espresso – my dream drink) and ice cream, that came with strawberries and a pure milk chocolate dipping sauce! It was absolutely delicious! Dave got a peanut butter milkshake with white chocolate, and he loved his too.  They also have fondue, brownies, cakes, and all other kinds of chocolate goodness on the menu. It is a really cute little place with delicious desserts!

After all that food, we strolled around the mall to walk off all that chocolate, and then home to relax for the rest of the night. This continued just about every day of the break – Paul for breakfast and coffee, and Maya for dessert and more coffee 🙂 It is a pretty great way to spend vacation! 🙂

After five really relaxing days off, it was so hard to go back to work on Tuesday!! Luckily, it was a short 3 day week, so that made it a little easier. Is it bad that I am all ready looking forward to my long Christmas break? 🙂


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