Murder Mystery Party at CMU!

When we first started dating, Dave hosted a murder mystery party at his apartment in Oakland. (Oh the good old days!) It was so much fun, and we always talked about doing it again, but never did.

We saw the announcement for the murder mystery party at CMU-Q, and we decided to sign up! We both selected secondary roles, but our good friend Jeff signed up for a primary role.  The theme was Class of ’85 Reunion at James Dean Murder High. (Clever huh?)

We were assigned our roles – Dave was a former AV Squad member and I was a drama club member trying to make her way into acting. Having our roles required us to go shopping for costumes! The info sheet suggested plaid for Dave, and he found some cargo pants, a band tee-shirt, and a plaid shirt to wear over top.  I found some black leggings, a sheer and fancy top, and added some feather barrettes and jewelry to complete my look.

We got all decked out in our outfits, and headed out to the main area of CMU where some classic 80’s music was playing 😉 We checked in, and were given envelopes, which gave us any inside information that we might know, and it told us who we should be looking for to talk to.

Lots of mingling occurred, as well as lots of food eating, while we tried to solve the murder. We had about 2 hours of mingling, talking with other classmates, and checking out the evidence. Then it was time to decide who we thought was guilty! Dave and I both got it wrong, but it was still a really fun evening! We hope to do it again soon!

For pictures:



One thought on “Murder Mystery Party at CMU!

  1. kay says:

    I think I would love a murder mystery party! Thanks for the pictures too. I see your kitty sat still long enough for a photo. What is an AV Squad of which David was a former member?

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