Spa Day!

For my birthday gift, Dave bought me a spa day at my new favorite spa located right by our apartment in the West Bay. My friend Kat, whose birthday is the day after mine, also scheduled some appointments so we could spend the day together.

I scheduled a pedicure and hammam treatment called Lotus Infusion.  I have desperately needed a pedicure since we arrived, and the hammam massage was a special treat for my birthday. According to the website, hammam means ‘spreader of warmth’.

The Hammam treatment was really amazing! I had no idea what to expect – luckily my masseuse explained everything! First, I showered and sat in a steam room for 10 minutes.  It was soooo relaxing! Then I received a scrub of coconut and rose water. It made my skin feel really nice! Then I showered again.  Next was a warm masque, then I was wrapped up for about 10 minutes. Then I showered again, and washed it all off.  My skin felt amazing. Finally, it was time for the hot stone massage, and it was really nice. I felt so relaxed and could have stayed there all day! The last part was a shea butter moisturizer all over.  It was an amazing hour and half, and I cannot wait to go back soon for another one 🙂

The pedicure was also fabulous! My poor feet have had it rough the past few months, so they really needed this! I hope to go back a little more often for a pedicure, it is a great way to relax and get caught up on mgazine reading!

Here is where I got it done:

Come visit and we can go to Dado’s for a hammam treatment or a pedicure, your choice!! 🙂 It will be the perfect retreat after your long flight here 🙂




One thought on “Spa Day!

  1. Marjorie says:

    Sounds very cool!

    Do you get your hair cut at Dados too? I am long overdue for a haircut (like… nearly a year overdue!) but the hairdresser I loved moved to Dubai. I’m shopping around for a new one. (Where “shopping around” apparently means “procrastinating on getting a haircut for about 10 months and whining about how much I miss Jihad.”)

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