I am hired!

I have been off from work since July, when I left Carlow to pack up our apartment and prepare for our move to Doha.  Then we got here, and it was good to be free to set up our apartment and get everything situated.

I started job hunting shortly after we arrived, mainly looking in Education City, since I am the primary driver for the two of us.  There were not many jobs to be found, so I applied for some, but never heard back from the universities.   I continued to enjoy my time off – it was well deserved since I just finished my Master’s and all.  I was never bored, because I spent most of the days with my friend Kat, exploring the city and becoming familiar with my new surroundings.

A few months ago, I sent an email to the dean of student affairs about a possible job working with e-Portfolios,  but it was not a option. This past Wednesday, I received an email from Dave’s Q-crew buddy Kevin, who works in Planning and Institutional Research.  He said there were some projects that need completed in his office, and the dean had mentioned that I was looking for a job.

We met the very next morning to talk about kinds of projects he has, and to see how my background would match up with what he needed. Turns out I am a pretty good match, so I gave him my resume, and he said he would let me know when I could start!

I got an email later that afternoon that HR had approved my hire, and I could start the following Sunday! (The work week here is from Sunday to Thursday). I am considered a part time hire, but part time is 35 hours, so it is practically full time!

For now, I am a Research Assistant in Planning and Institutional Research. I will be creating a Fact Book for CMU-Q’s campus to show to both CMU – Main Campus, as well as Qatar Foundation. It is an important project, and has not been done before this. So I am excited to start this new challenge!



2 thoughts on “I am hired!

  1. mom helsel says:

    Yeah!!! Mom is happy Jennifer is using that education she recieved here. And reading the previous blog a little jealous of the body treatment.

    Keep looking for that hoodie when the store opens!! Love from home

  2. Kay says:

    Congradulations Jennifer! It is so cool that you found work in your field that will be both fun and challenging.

    The spa treatment sounds totally decadent. but we know you are deserving. You have to put up with David’s anxiety and stress! Is There a spa treatment in his future as well?

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