Our 1st Wedding Anniversary!

It is amazing to think that a year ago, Dave and I were finally married! As most of you know, we dated for about 4 and half years before even getting engaged, and then had a 2 year engagement. I am so lucky to have married Dave, he is sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, generous and loving!!

Here are few pictures from our wedding (all were taken by the amazing Dana Scheller (www.danascheller.com):

My hot red shoes and Dave's shoes!

My hot red shoes and Dave's shoes!

One of my favorite pictures!

One of my favorite pictures!

Another one of my faves!

Another one of my faves!

Dave and I dancing at our reception :-)

Dave and I dancing at our reception 🙂

If you read one of my earliest posts, you saw that my co-workers had tried to get us a  gift card for this really cool restaurant here in Doha, before we left Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, my co-worker Kimberly and the owner of the restaurant, Mohamed, could not figure out a conversion rate to do a gift card. Mohamed told Kimberly to have us call him when we arrived, and he would arrange a free VIP dinner for Dave and I.

Dave and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use for our first anniversary dinner. We were SO right. The restaurant is located right on the Corniche, which is a walkway next to the Gulf.  It is an open air restaurant, right on the Gulf! Here is a picture:

Outside of the restaurant!

Outside of the restaurant!

So I called Mohamed and explained the situation, and also mentioned it was our first wedding anniversary. Mohamed assured me that they would set up a wonderful dinner for us, and that we would have a great time.

Dave and I arrived a little before our reservations at 7, and were seated at a table right next to the water. It was beautiful! The West Bay skyline was behind us, but in front of us was a beautiful view of another side of Doha. There was music playing, and a huge fan to keep the air blowing!

The waiters brought us over menus and drink menus, and then realized who we were, and told us that there was no need to order, because Mohamed had put together a menu for us. This was wonderful news, so we happily ordered lemon mint drinks, and took in the view while we waited for our food to arrive.

First, they served us a mezze, which is similar to appetizers. They came out with a salad, hummus, mahammara, grape leaves,  little pockets of meat and cheese, and a few other things that were delicious! We ate a lot, but knew we should hold out for the main course!

And the main course was a traditional mixed grill, which we have found a lot here in Turkish and Lebanese restaurants. It is usually a plate with chicken, steak, and kofta (a mix of meats), along with roasted grilled veggies,  french fries, yogurt sauce and pita underneath it all. This was amazing! The chicken was so juicy and perfect, and the steak had great flavor.  We really enjoyed the main course!

Mixed Grill for our main course!

Mixed Grill for our main course!

After we finished, we heard the music change to a completely different style of music. Then we realized the person was  singing happy anniversary! So Dave and I immediately knew it was for us. And out comes a cake with a blazing sparkler in it and a bottle of sparkling cider! It was really awesome, although I think Dave might have been a little mortified 🙂 The cake was delicious – kind of like a chocolate vanilla roll! Yum!

My half eaten dessert - don't worry, I finished it! :-)

My half eaten dessert - don't worry, I finished it! 🙂

It was truly an amazing night! With the amazing view from our table and all the food that we ate! Mohamed was wonderful, and we promised him we would be back, and would bring all our friends and family when they come to visit! Just a few more pictures!

Our amazing host Mohamed and I - this is for you Kimberly!

Our amazing host Mohamed and I - this is for you Kimberly!

Celebrating with sparkling cider! :-)

Celebrating with sparkling cider! 🙂

The waitress was kind enough to take a lot of pictures of us :-)

Here you can see the fans that kept us cool all night!

For a few more pictures from our amazing dinner, check out our Shutterfly album:



4 thoughts on “Our 1st Wedding Anniversary!

  1. Kay says:

    Love the anniversary dress! and I see David is wearing his tartan tie. What a cute couple!
    Sounds like you had an anniversary celebration you will remember forever.

  2. Tiffany says:

    That sounds like such an awesome anniversary experience!! My favorite part of that mixed grill pictures was the french fries and the Heinz ketchup on the table!


  3. Clare says:

    Where is the kilt? It looks like you two had a magical dinner. Next year you will have to celebrate in Paris. I think Erin would agree.

  4. marriedlady says:

    Happy anniversary!!! Your photos are beautiful and I am enjoying hearing about your adventures in Doha! Here is to many more years of happiness!!

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