Eid Break!

After the end of the month of Ramadan, the Eid holiday begins, and it is a time of celebration, and everyone says Eid Mubarak to each other! It also means a work off of work for Dave and his colleagues!

Since we had a few days of no work, we decided to head to the desert with some friends. We actually went out twice over Eid, and both times were really fun!

The first day, Monday, we drove for about an hour north To Shamal, where we saw a old ruin of a fort, and we found an old fishing village, which is an active archaeological dig. At the fort, a little old man with red hair and crazy skin asked us for 10 riyals (about 2.75 US Dollars) to enter the gate. We have no idea if he lives there or what the deal is – but he is the gate keeper, and if you want to enter, you pay 😛

It was a cool fort that you could explore and climb around. We went to the top of one of the towers, if you will. It was pretty neat! And the walls all had holes, I suppose to watch for enemies and maybe even for guns so they could shoot the enemy!

After that, we drove some more, and we were hoping to see some camels, but alas we did not find any. We did find an old fishing village as I mentioned, and there was a salt flat behind it. We did some exploring, found some neat shells, and enjoyed the cool breeze from the water. Then we headed back to our cars to continue our journey.

We drove up as far North as we could, and we got to a spot that overlooked the amazing Gulf water. So blue and gorgeous! Our friend Alex took some pictures, and the next thing you know, some one came over and told him he could not take any pictures. He wanted Alex’s camera, but Alex just deleted the pictures, and that seemed to satisfy him. (I don’t know many details, since Alex was in the other car, and Dave made me hightail it out of there, for fear of being arrested!).

We were all pretty exhausted after our long day in the desert sun, so we headed to the villagio and had lunch/dinner at the Macaroni Grill. Yep, you read that right.  It is in a mall, right next to the Fridays.  As Italian food goes, it was your average ‘Italian’ food.  It was nice to just sit and enjoy some food in the lovely Villagio, which is based on the Vegas resort, the Venetian. The ceilings are all painted like the sky, and there is a stream and you can take gondola rides in the mall! It is pretty neat 🙂

We went out again on Wednesday afternoon, and headed west to an animal reserve and Dhukan Beach. There were no animals at the preservation, it must have been too hot.  So we headed to the beach!  It was really gorgeous! All you can see is beautiful water for miles and miles.  My friend Kira and I immediately kicked our shoes off and walked along the lovely sandy beaches.  I am so excited to be living in an area where the beach is so close! The boys were not so adventurous, and walked a little further away.

While we were walking, we encountered some Arab men in thobes. They called to our friend Dale, who is from New Zealand and has quite a beard. Well the Arab man was quite intrigued with Dale, and touched his beard and face. Then he wanted to get his picture taken with all of us.  I am guessing he is not a very strict Muslim, as the boys said he was drunk and could smell the alcohol, not to mention, he shook both mine and Kira’s hand. (A muslim man never touches a woman other than his wife).  So that was interesting. They drove off, and we left shortly after that.

As we were driving back towards Education City, we found what we were looking for…..CAMELS!!!!! This is so exciting, it deserves its own post! Please read on 🙂


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