Yes, I am excited about the camels we saw in the desert. They were SOOOO cool. And we got to feed them! But I am getting ahead of myself.  After leaving the beach, we were driving back towards home when we spotted some camels off in the distance.  We had been searching for camels, and our friend had even brought food so we could feed them.

So we pulled over, got out of our cars (actually we let the guys go first),  and headed over to the camels.  The guys stood at the fence, and our friend Dale starting waving a carrot around to get their attention.  It was a pretty funny sight! It worked though, because the camels looked over at us, and hesitated a little about coming over. They seemed pretty curious about us, and eventually the herd leader made the decision to come over, and everyone followed! They started galloping towards us – so we were relieved there was a fence between us!!!

Camels running towards us!

Camels running towards us!

My friend Dale had brought these MASSIVE carrots – honestly the biggest carrots I have ever seen! They seemed to like the carrots after sniffing them, but Dale brought out celery and apples, and they went crazy over those! They munched and munched, and sometimes even fought each other for the veggies.  It was crazy but so awesome!

The only sucky part about the whole experience was the crazy sand storms we experienced.  It was really windy, and the sand was blowing against us so hard it almost burned! Trucks would come whizzing past the highway and it was hard to see! But it was SO worth it!  We hope to see some more camels very soon!!!!

Me feeding the camel!

Me feeding the camel!

Dave feeding the camel :-)

Dave feeding the camel 🙂

The happy camels after being fed by us!

The happy camels after being fed by us!

Here is the link for all the pictures of our adventures:


One thought on “CAMELS!

  1. Tiffany says:

    This my be my favorite of your adventures in Doha!! This is even better than the fast food places that deliver 🙂

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