AWA Meeting

So a friend of mine, who is a wife of one of Dave’s colleagues asked if I wanted to join the American Women’s Association here in Qatar, and attend a meeting to sign up and become a member.

I decided to attend,  thinking it will be a fun way to meet new people, network, and explore more of Doha. The meeting was at the Hyatt Plaza, which is a fancy 5-star hotel in Doha, like so many others.

We had a nice buffet dinner, and then the US Ambassador to Qatar was the keynote speaker.  He had some interesting things to say, and it was neat to hear about his experiences over the past years here.  After that, the members of the AWA board talked about all the opportunities available to sign up for clubs and events, such as tennis, bowling, scrapbooking, etc. Also, they have some outings set up for a dinner at the Moroccan restaurant in the souq, a garden store, and the fruit and vegetable souq.

I decided to sign up for the evening at Tajine, the Moroccan restaurant.  I have had Moroccan food in DC, and it is so delicious! So I am excited to try it out here.  I will be there Thursday evening, so I promise to report back!

They also had a coffee hour yesterday morning, which I attended,  and it was fun.  I decided to sign up for Pokeno and a Travel Coordination Committee.  Pokeno is kind of a mix between Bingo and the White Elephant game, if you have ever played that. Apparently, each lady brings a wrapped gift, and then you play a round of Pokeno (a bingo card with playing cards on it instead of Bingo numbers), and if you win a round, you can select a wrapped gift. The next person to win the following round can steal your gift or select a new one to open, and so on and so forth. I will be playing it this Monday, so I will let you know how it goes! Now I have to find a gift to wrap!

So far, I am enjoying being a member of the AWA, and am glad that I signed up for it! It will certainly keep me busy, that is for sure!


One thought on “AWA Meeting

  1. Kristen says:

    That AWA sounds very fun! I also didn’t know that Northwestern had a campus over there. And I love nice hotels, so I am very jealous of your experiences there! 🙂

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