Dinner at the Dean’s house!

So Dave and I were invited to dinner at the Dean’s house this past week, along with all the other new arrivals, and their Q-Crew buddy.  Your Q-crew buddy is someone who helps you adjust to life in Doha, and is available for any questions you might have. Our buddy also picked us up from the airport. Everyone has been incredibly helpful, but it is nice to have one person to go to if you have any questions about life here in Doha.

We got to the Dean’s house and it was beautiful! It is a 3 story villa, with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The downstairs is set up like a traditional Qatari house because there are 2 entrances – one for men, and one for women. They would enter separately, and entertain separately. Also, the kitchen has no stove, because it is located in a different room, in order to not heat the house when you are cooking.

They have also decorated it with beautiful, handmade Iranian silk rugs that are hung on numerous walls, along with many camel decorations. (Apparently, his wife likes camels!). They also changed one room into their house into a Majlis, which is a room for sitting and relaxing. I did not take a picture of it, but have attached a sample picture of what a Majlis looks like.  Apparently, they went to the souk markets, and someone comes to measure the room, and then they make the cushions, and decide how many pillows and such that they will need. It was such a neat room!


Then we had a catered dinner from a place Dave and I have been wanting to try called Turkey Central.  It was amazing! They had numerous sauces and hummus and dips, along with many spinach and cheese pies (which were SO GOOD) and then a mixed grill and some kofta. The mixed grill was chicken and steak, and the kofta is a combination of many meats. It is hard to describe but delicious to eat!  If you come visit, we will take you to Turkey Central!

We spent the rest of the evening socializing with friends and just enjoying ourselves. It was a lovely evening, and we had fun, even after we got lost on the way home 🙂  Next week, we are off to the Ritz-Carlton for dinner, as another welcome dinner from CMU. I am excited for that! I promise to take a lot of pictures and blog about it 🙂


One thought on “Dinner at the Dean’s house!

  1. Kay says:

    Thank you sooo much for the updates! I can’t wait to try the food form Turkey Central

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