Tour of Doha!

Wednesday  morning, we went to an HR presentation for all new faculty, staff, and their families at the Four Seasons here in Doha. It was a really great presentation, and we learned alot about our time here.

After that, we went on a bus tour of the city. It was a great trip and I got to see some things I have been wanting to see without having to drive there! The first stop is the new Pearl man-made island. It is beautiful so far, and not even close to being done yet! They are trying to rival Dubai. They have high end designer shopping, waterfront living, and other really neat things!

We also stopped by the horse stables where they had Arabian horses. Being with horses again reminded me of the time I spent with horses for my Leadership program. It was nice to be around them again! They were beautiful and there were so many of them! Oddly enough, there were many stray cats that hang out by the stables.

Then it was off to the souk markets! They have all kind of different souk markets – Animal souks, gold souks, fruit & veggie souks, and general fashion/material souks where you can find all kinds of fancy pashminas, abbayas, and other neat things. Also, at all souk markets, you are expected to haggle with the seller.  I am hoping to shop there and try my hand at negotiating for Christmas gifts this year 🙂

Quite honestly, the animal souk market with the camels was almost sad. The camels are sold to be eaten (terrible I know), but when we were there, they let out these loud, high pitched whines almost. I am not sure if they were speaking to each other or trying to scare us from buying them!

It is strange to be in this souk market, and see so many tiny little stray kittens all around, which were adorable but probably feral. Also, I really hated seeing all the souk market places, and then seeing a Dunkin Donuts and Haggen Daz right in amongst these souk shops. It just felt wrong, like we are taking away from their culture!

It was quite a fun tour but exhausting after it was all over.  I posted some website images of the pearl for you. It really is beautiful! If you come visit, we can take you there in person!

For the full album of pictures, here is the Shutterfly link:


4 thoughts on “Tour of Doha!

  1. colleen mackin says:

    Jen and Dave,

    So nice to read about your adventures! I am happy the both of you are enjoying your first weeks there! I am excited to learn more and see pictures. You were right Jen, I would mess up the get together before you left! Looks like you just took a pic from Tera’s slide show with the horses and added it here! Much luck, love and friendship! Take care!

  2. Kay says:

    Thanks Jen. I love your stories. They make Doha seem so much more real. Who eats camel? Is it served in restaurants?
    You haven’t said much about the heat. When I look at weather .com it seems almost unbearably hot and humid – 100 degrees and 70% humidity – even in the middle of the night!

    • jennybee1018 says:

      Apparently, the five star upscale restaurants serve camel. And apparently the running joke is that KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Camel!

      As for the heat, well it is pretty hot and humid! Apparently, we got in just in time for the humidity.

      However, we are rarely outside. We have an underground parking garage, so we don’t go outside in the morning or evening, and we probably only go outside at CMU or the mall, and then as soon as you get in, you are blasted with cold air conditioning. So while it is hot, we just adjust and get inside as fast as possible!

      Glad you enjoy my stories 🙂 I will keep them coming!

  3. Darcie says:

    Hey Jen–So happy to read about your great adventures. I hope you know I am am so proud of you! I was so happy to see that awesome smile of yours in the pictures—I truly miss that. Well, keep the stories coming and stay in touch! xxoo

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