Some things I have learned so far….

1. Gas is full service here. How awesome is that?

2. Cell phones are interesting here. Qtel pretty much owns the market – so you buy a SIM card from Qtel (phone company), then you can buy any type of phone from the various cell phone stores in the malls. Then if you want to upgrade your phone, you just switch your SIM card. And they only have pre-paid and post-paid plans. There are not individual cell phone providers like in the US.

3. I have learned to never attempt to go to the grocery store the night before Ramadan begins here. We tried to go last night, and it was chaos! Kind of like the mall at Christmastime, only MUCH worse!

4. It seems as if all washers are the combination type that take about 4 hours to do your laundry. Thanks to a smart tip from my good friend, we bought a drying rack and will only be using the washer cycle, not the dryer.

5. There is a tea boy at Dave’s office who will bring him water, soda, coffee, tea etc at no cost. He just stops by throughout the day to see what Dave might need to drink. Unfortunately, he cannot accept tips, but it seems proper to buy him gifts or give a gift at the holidays.

6. Ramadan has started, so we are learning to only eat behind closed doors, since the Muslims are fasting from sunrise to sunset. (About 6 AM to 6 PM). Also, the stores and malls all have different hours for Ramadan, since people are not out shopping as much while they are fasting.

That is all I can think of for now….I will be posting a few more updates, hopefully with pictures, and all about our experiences at the Health Authority getting our blood drawn!


One thought on “Some things I have learned so far….

  1. Kristen says:

    Hey, you guys!

    I love reading about all the different adventures in Doha. I’d much rather have a cell phone like that than the contracts and individual providers. The Qatar way seems fairer than what we have in the U.S.

    I don’t think the Ramadan thing will be that bad because, I was thinking about you guys the other day, and really, how often does anyone eat in public anyway? We eat at home behind closed doors 99% of the time since we never go out to eat or buy food/drink from concession stands. So at first it seems like a hard rule to follow, but if you think about it, it shouldn’t be that bad.

    I love reading and will check back in soon!

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