First Post!

Hello Everyone! 🙂 Finally got the blog up and running, so you can follow us on our adventures as we move overseas to Doha, Qatar. Dave and I are very excited, but are very busy packing up our apartment here in the States. It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated!

Time is really flying, and we are quickly realizing that we will be in Doha before we know it! First, however, we will be taking a lovely vacation to Montana from July 29-August 8! We are both excited, and will need the break. I will be back with pictures from Glacier Park, which I hear is beautiful!

Then August 14th, we depart Pittsburgh for our new home in Doha. We fly to DC, and then straight to Doha, Qatar! It will be a long flight, but we will be flying business class! Whoop whoop! 🙂

That is all for now, I have to get back to packing! Feel free to ask any questions you have about Doha!I have included a map in case you are unsure where Doha is. And I like pictures in blogs!

Map of Doha, Qatar

Map of Doha, Qatar


8 thoughts on “First Post!

  1. mom helsel says:

    What?? you are leaving the country?? when did this happen??hahaaha. Okay so I have no choice but to live with it! Good luck you guys!

  2. Rachel Miller says:

    HAVE AN AMAZING TIME! I can’t wait to vicariously live through your blog posts 🙂 xoxoxox TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER!

  3. Gramma Blohm says:

    So happy to see your blog. Have looked at the map many times since you decided to fly away. As I told you Jen

    the apprehention is minor and the excitement is enormous! I envy your youth and sense of adventure that will carry you on your way. Be sponges. Absorb everything. You’ll remember all of this your whole life. Learn Arabic- God ( or perhaps Allah) knows that you will have lots of people to practice with. I wish you a safe journey and a wonderful stay in Doha. Let us hear from you as often as you have time.

  4. Kay says:

    We are very excited to see you and David just a short time from now. We are hoping for beautiful weather and no smoky forest fires.

  5. Kimberly says:

    Missing you here at Carlow! With all the research I have done on Doha…I think I want to move with you! But I guess I will have to settle for seeing Doha through your blog!

  6. Jenny says:

    You will be missed but I’m so excited for you. Maybe Glen and I can come visit. That is a place on his list of things to see. Have fun!

  7. Carrie McHargue says:

    I wish you well, Jennifer and David! Have fun and enjoy Doha! Jennifer what am I to do the next time I have to go to the mechanics?! We’ve had a LOT of great times, and I can’t wait to read all about your wonderful times in Doha! Jennifer, I’ll be sure to keep the pink frozen Cosmo’s cold for you at Harris’! Love and Best Wishes!

  8. Kat Williams says:

    Hi! Thanks for the link to your blog! I’m so excited for you guys to get here and really jealous that you’re flying business class. 🙂 I’m glad Carnegie Mellon is taking good care of you! Enjoy your last weeks Stateside!

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